2. Lil B

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    Weird Santas (sometimes Christmas is not so nice) via Buzzfeed

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  4. Can’t believe I haven’t posted these yet. Newest member of the family! #jeffreycampbell #shoeporn #houndstooth


  5. Reborn as an X Man. THANK YOU JESSI CANZ #pastelhair #shorthair #yay @imjessicanz


  6. This is about to be GONE after @imjessicanz has her way with me :)


  7. Awesome studio visit with @damonsoule today!


  8. Getting love from the sweet little Pegasus book store cat. Not sure how she chose me!


  9. Last night, when Matt and I were pop royalty #itsbritneybitch


  10. Got that new Chanel nail art